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Headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Siemens is the largest electrical and electronics company in Germany and even Europe, and one of the largest electrical engineering and electronics companies in the



  Headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Siemens is the largest electrical and electronics company in Germany and even Europe, and one of the largest electrical engineering and electronics companies in the world. Sustainability has been a prominent feature of Siemens since its founding. At Siemens, sustainability means long-term economic success and the environmental and social responsibility of a good corporate citizen. In fiscal year 2005 (ended sept 30), the company had approximately 461,000 employees worldwide, with sales of 75.445 billion euros and net income of 3.058 billion euros. Eighty percent of its sales come from outside Germany. According to a ranking of 500 German industrial and commercial enterprises published by die welt in July 1996, Siemens ranked second only to daimler-benz with its annual sales of 88.763 billion marks.




  Siemens is a large international company with operations in over 190 countries and about 600 factories, r&d centers and sales offices around the world. The company's business focuses on six major areas: information and communications, automation and control, electricity, transportation, medical systems and lighting. Siemens' global operations are run by 13 business groups, including Siemens financial services and Siemens real estate management. In addition, Siemens also owns two joint ventures - Bosch - Siemens home appliances group and Fujitsu Siemens computer (holding) co.

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