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Kawasaki, Japan

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Kawasaki heavy industries corporation is a Japanese heavy industry company, which started in the Meiji restoration era and mainly engaged in heavy industry, with the history of JFE steel (formerly kaw

 Kawasaki heavy industries corporation is a Japanese heavy industry company, which started in the Meiji restoration era and mainly engaged in heavy industry, with the history of JFE steel (formerly kawasaki iron) and kawasaki steamship. Main manufacturing aerospace, railway vehicles, construction heavy machinery, electric bicycles, ships, machinery and equipment. Kawasaki heavy industries co., LTD is a registered capital of 104.328 billion yen, sales of 889.963 billion yen, group staff 30653 people, kawasaki heavy industries group company has mainly vehicles, aerospace companies, gas turbine, mechanical, general machine company, shipping company, products cover all areas of land, sea and air degree of dependence on military orders less than 10%, but mainly rely on military aerospace department was able to maintain order. Kawasaki is now an important member of Japan's military industry, second only to mitsubishi heavy industries, and is a major producer of Japan's self-defense force aircraft and submarines.

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