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Jiangsu shagang group is a key enterprise group in jiangsu province, a large industrial enterprise in China and the largest private steel enterprise in China.

Jiangsu shagang group has a total asset

  Jiangsu shagang group is a key enterprise group in jiangsu province, a large industrial enterprise in China and the largest private steel enterprise in China.

Jiangsu shagang group has a total asset of 170 billion yuan and more than 40,000 employees. The annual production capacity is 29 million tons of iron, 35 million tons of steel and 33 million tons of rolled materials. Shagang has been awarded the honorary titles of "national customer satisfaction enterprise", "China quality service reputation AAA grade enterprise", "China credit enterprise", "national innovative pilot enterprise", "China environmental protection demonstration unit", "jiangsu high-tech enterprise", "jiangsu circular economy construction demonstration unit" and so on. Leading products generous hot-rolled coil, plate, plate, stainless steel hot rolling and manufacture, high speed wire rod, the market volume rods, ribbed steel, special steel bars has formed dozens of series and more than 500 varieties of more than 500 specifications, including high speed wire rod, ribbed steel bar, and other products won the "product quality reach the international advanced level center", "national customer satisfaction product" title. "Sha gang" brand won "China's well-known trademark", and with a brand value of 8.543 billion yuan ronglisted China's top 500 brands ranked the 69th. In 2011, China completed 26.89 million tons of iron smelting, 319.2 million tons of steel production and 310.7 million tons of rolled materials, with sales revenue of 207.5 billion yuan and profit and tax of 10.4 billion yuan. In 2012, China ranked 44th among the top 500 enterprises, 14th among the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, and 1st among the private enterprises in China
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