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Chuan wei group,

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In sichuan province, sichuan group co., LTD is main smelting iron and steel, machinery manufacturing, automobile transportation, industrial and civil construction, power generation, and coking installation, real estate development, highway operation, scientific research and development, trade (including import and export), leisure tourism as one of the trans-regional, cross-industry large-scale comprehensive enterprise group. Founded in 1929, the company, formerly known as weiyuan steel plant, has established a parent-child standardized corporate governance structure, with 30 subsidiaries, 7 branches, 3 custody units, total assets of 3 billion yuan, more than 5,300 employees. With an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of steel, 1.7 million tons of pig iron, 2 million tons of steel and 1 million tons of machine coke, it is one of the top 500 industrial enterprises in China, top 9 industrial enterprises in sichuan, top 30 tax payers in sichuan and top 20 in market share.
The company's main products are construction steel and welding steel and "zhonglongshan brand" ordinary silica salt cement three series. Chuanwei brand "hot rolled ribbed steel bar for reinforced concrete, steel coil bar for welding and mild steel hot rolled disk bar are all sichuan famous brand products, which are recommended as high quality products by French science and technology quality supervision and evaluation committee. Among them, "chuanwei brand" hot-rolled ribbed bar for reinforced concrete is the only product in southwest China that meets the international standard in physical quality, is the national inspection free product, was listed by China council for international trade promotion into the WTO recommended product, and has twice won the national gold cup award, the highest physical quality award for metallurgical products. Zhonglongshan "cement has been awarded the title of" provincial excellent, ministry excellent, "" national customer satisfaction product" and so on. The company has successively won the titles of "top ten enterprises" of product quality and service quality, "national customer satisfaction enterprise" and "national advanced unit of customer satisfaction project". Passed ISO9002 international quality system certification in 1999. In 2000, it was granted "AAA" enterprise by agricultural bank of sichuan, and "AA" enterprise by icbc and CCB of sichuan province.
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