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Nangang group is the earliest iron and steel joint enterprise in jiangsu province.

Nanshan iron and steel group has more than 10 subsidiaries including nanjing iron and steel union and nanjing sanjin

 Nangang group is the earliest iron and steel joint enterprise in jiangsu province.

Nanshan iron and steel group has more than 10 subsidiaries including nanjing iron and steel union and nanjing sanjin real estate company. The enterprise invested by the group is mainly engaged in iron and steel manufacturing, and its business scope covers mining and mineral processing, real estate development and sales, engineering design, engineering construction, steel structure production and installation, metallurgy casting, machinery manufacturing and processing, metal materials and metallurgical by-products processing, logistics, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, etc. In 2008, the group achieved sales revenue of 550.6 billion yuan, and in 2009, the group achieved sales revenue of 51.3 billion yuan, ranking 98th in China's top 500 enterprises, and 39th in China's top 500 manufacturing industries. Now it has developed into China's super-large iron and steel enterprise group and a key enterprise group in jiangsu province.
After the system restructuring, the group investment steel main business - nanjing integrated iron and steel company actively promote a series of modern, large-scale technical transformation, increase the intensity of new product research and development, vigorously implement the product structure adjustment, at present, the enterprise has development and production of X100 pipeline steel, 9 ni cryogenic vessel steel top steel products, such as used in the Olympic stadium - the bird's nest, west to east gas pipeline, the San Francisco bay bridge and other key projects both at home and abroad, exported to more than 30 countries and regions. In recent years, enterprises have carried out a comprehensive and systematic effort to exploit potential and gain, introduced performance excellence management mode, and continuously improved the level of modern management, thus improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. In 2009, the comprehensive index of economic efficiency of nanshan iron and steel group was ranked first in the whole industry. As the only enterprise in the metallurgical industry and jiangsu province, nanshan iron and steel group was awarded the "national quality award", the highest award in the operation and management of domestic enterprises. In 2010, as the only enterprise, nangang won the first nanjing "mayor quality award".