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Founded in 1954, jiangxi pinggang industrial co., LTD is the first state-owned steel and iron enterprise established and put into operation in jiangxi province. In July 2003, pinggang company complete

  Founded in 1954, jiangxi pinggang industrial co., LTD is the first state-owned steel and iron enterprise established and put into operation in jiangxi province. In July 2003, pinggang company completed the overall system reform, the transformation into a private enterprise. In November 2012, liaoning fangda group industrial co., LTD reorganized pinggang co., LTD. Headquartered in Beijing, fangda group is a large enterprise group with strong international competitiveness, mainly engaged in carbon, iron and steel, chemical industry and medical treatment, and concurrently engaged in mining, coking, real estate and other industries.

After more than half a century of entrepreneurship, pingsteel has developed into a large and growing iron and steel joint enterprise with a certain international influence, which takes iron and steel as its main business and successfully develops into various industries such as international trade, engineering technology, real estate and mining. At present, pingsteel has an annual production capacity of 11 million tons, more than 20,000 employees, and is one of the top 500 enterprises and 50 private enterprises in China.
PingGang is committed to create the best products in the national bar line base, the enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health management system three system certification and run health, product brands as "l" brand, covering thread steel, high speed wire rod, small profile, medium thickness plate etc series products, won the national metallurgical product quality "center", "China top 10 screw-thread steel production enterprises", "China rebar, producing top ten best-selling brand" and so on a number of honorary titles, best-selling more than 10 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Exported to more than 20 countries in the world. The company has won many honors, such as the 200 best benefit enterprise in China, the most competitive private enterprise in China, the most social contribution private enterprise, and the most social responsibility private enterprise.
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