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Overview of MLX series vertical mill reducer

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MLX series vertical mill with parallel shaft gear reducer adopts cone gears, vice (power in more than 1400 kw) joint and planetary gear set transmission form, a pair of orthogonal transmission conical gear pair, parallel shaft gear pair (power in more than 1400 kw) and a set of input shaft for vertical planetary gear transmission, connect the two pairs of gear coupling. The sun wheel is supported on the thrust block with a ball head, and the planetary bracket can also oscillate with the tilting pad thrust bearing. These two degrees of freedom make the inner gear ring and three (four) planetary wheels evenly loaded. The inner gear ring is rigidly fixed on the box body. The cylindrical box body is designed to provide an ideal form of support for axial thrust bearing. In addition, the inner and outer walls of the cylindrical box are equipped with symmetrical reinforcing bars, which make it very rigid. The output shaft is integrated with the planetary support to make the structure simple and reasonable.

The cone-shaped spiral teeth are adopted in the cone-cone gear, parallel shaft gear pair, sun wheel and planetary wheel are involute straight teeth. All these gears are made of high strength carburized steel.All the supporting bearings of the reducer are equipped with rolling bearings. The axial thrust bearing is tilting pad thrust bearing, which is composed of several fan-shaped bearings, which bear the axial thrust of the vertical grinder. At work, the bearing bush is directly immersed in the oil pool, and fresh oil is provided continuously through the annular nozzle, so that the oil pool always maintains a certain level of liquid. The lubricating oil system adopts the independent oil station, and has the automatic protection system of oil pressure and oil temperature, making the whole set of equipment safe and reliable when working.