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Structural features of the mill reducer

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Thrust bearings are different. The surface of conventional thrust bearings is a babbitt alloy, while the EM series gear box USES a metal elastic plastic tile.

Thrust bearings are different. The surface of conventional thrust bearings is a babbitt alloy, while the EM series gear box USES a metal elastic plastic tile.
The box body is rigid and can withstand great pressure and impact. The problems of weld sealing and internal stress release may occur in the welded box. Our company carries out ultrasonic inspection on the welding seal first, and then carries out the kerosene leakage test. Treatment of internal stress, secondary heat treatment.  



The material of the gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, which is used to grind the teeth after carburizing and quenching on the tooth surface, so that the precision of the gear can reach above level 6 and the hardness of the gear surface can reach HRC57~62. The material of the gear is examined by ultrasonic wave after processing, and the tooth surface color or magnetic powder is detected after finishing. In this way, the precision and life of the gear are greatly improved, so that the overall life of the gear box is improved.The tilting pad thrust bearing of vertical grinder, considering the design strength, maintenance and cost, combined with the production process of thrust tiles at home and abroad, most of the thrust tiles adopted by our company are plastic tiles rather than babbitt alloy tiles.  磨机减速机的结构特点

The output flange of vertical mill is the key part of the mill design. Generally there are two kinds of structures, split type and integral type. The performance of the two structures is not specially different, but the separated type can save material cost.