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Overview of SZM series mill reducer

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高炉矿渣(高炉水淬矿渣)是冶金工业炼铁、炼钢的主要固体废弃物。我国粗钢产量持续多年世界第一,而生产1吨粗钢产生0.5~1吨矿渣。矿渣处理通常时露天堆积或地下掩埋,侵占大片土地,污染毒化土壤、水体和大气,严重影响生态环境,并造成巨大的经济损失和资源浪费。     碾磨机和矿渣微粉技术的发展,使得矿渣微粉生产砖瓦、水泥、保温墙体等建筑材料成为矿渣再利用的主要方向。将高炉矿渣碾磨成最经济的400-450

Blast furnace slag (blast furnace water quenched slag) is the main solid waste of iron and steelmaking in metallurgical industry. China's crude steel production has been the world's largest for many years, while the production of 1 ton of crude steel produces 0.5 ~ 1 ton of slag. The treatment of slag usually accumulates in the open air or buried underground, encroaches on large areas of land, pollutes and poisons soil, water and atmosphere, severely affects ecological environment, and causes huge economic loss and resource waste.


The development of milling machine and slag powder technology makes the production of building materials such as brick, cement and thermal insulation wall become the main direction of slag reuse. The blast furnace slag is ground into the most economical 400-450m2/kg superfine slag powder (superfine powder), which is directly supplied to the concrete mixing station as the admixture to form a new type of green building material.
The blast furnace slag has high hardness, great abrasion and difficult grinding, and the target product is operating under heavy load continuously in the dust environment. Cause: overhanging wheel teeth fatigue fracture and impact fracture, bearing shell impact damage; The precision of spiral bevel gear input is high, and the requirements of modulus and tooth are broad. The installation requirements of the upper coupling are high, ultra-fine dust enters the gear box, aggravates meshing wear and leads to "burning tile", poor reliability and stability, and high operation and maintenance costs. More than 3000KW mill gear boxes as grinding equipment for the core heart has been dependent on imports.


Our company SZM series mill gear box is the research result of national 863, national natural science foundation of China, jiangsu province natural science foundation and other subjects, and the core technical achievements are independently researched and developed.

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