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Operation and maintenance of gear box

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Gearboxisoneoftheimportantpartsandmustbeusedandmaintainedcorrectlytoextendservicelife.  Afterthegearboxisinstalled,themanualdiscshouldmoveflexiblywithoutthephenomenonofstuck,andthecontactspotsonthetoo
Gear box is one of the important parts and must be used and maintained correctly to extend service life.
After the gear box is installed, the manual disc should move flexibly without the phenomenon of stuck, and the contact spots on the tooth surface should meet the requirements of technical conditions. In accordance with the requirements of the specification specified by filling oil to oil standard calibration, and before the formal use of no-load operation, and at this time can make use of motor driven gear box, examined the gearbox running smoothly, no impact vibration and abnormal noise, good lubrication condition, does not leak, and various sealing and joint surface can be input with unit test run.
Load test in every phases, respectively by 25%, 50%, 75%, 50% of the rated load is loaded, each stage of operation in order to balance the oil temperature is given priority to, generally should not be less than 2 hours, the highest oil temperature shall not exceed 80 ゜ C, temperature difference between its different bearings shall not be higher than 15 ゜ c.
Operation and maintenance of gear box
It is very important to lubricate the gearbox. Good lubrication can protect the gears and bearings. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the lubrication problem of gear box and keep the lubrication system in the best state for a long time in strict accordance with the specification. Gear box often used splash lubrication or forced lubrication, general to forced lubrication for common. Therefore, reliable lubrication system is especially important. The electric gear pump transfers the oil from the oil tank to the lubricating pipeline of the gear box through the filter to lubricate the gears and transmission parts of each part. Various monitoring devices are installed on the pipe to ensure that the gear box does not break oil during operation.
The lubricating oil pump should be started before the gearbox is operated, and the gear box can be started after each lubrication point is lubricated. When the environment temperature is low, less than 10 ゜ c., for example, must be connected to electric heater add oil, to the expected temperature after put into operation. If the oil temperature is higher than the set temperature, such as 65 ゜ C, the unit control system will make the cooling pipe of the lubricating oil into the system after the cooler cooling again into the gear box. The pipeline is also equipped with pressure controller and oil level controller to monitor the normal supply of lubricating oil. In case of failure. The monitoring system will send an alarm signal immediately, enabling the operator to quickly determine the fault and remove it.
Requirements for lubricating oil should be considered: 1) reduce friction and wear, have high bearing capacity, and prevent gluing; 2) absorb shock and vibration; 3) prevent fatigue pitting; 4) cooling, rust prevention and corrosion resistance. Different types of transmission have different requirements. Wind power generation gear box belongs to the type of closed gear transmission, whose main failure mode is gluing and pitting corrosion. Therefore, when selecting lubricating oil, the emphasis is to ensure sufficient oil film thickness and boundary film strength. Because working at a large temperature difference requires a relatively high viscosity index. In order to improve the bearing capacity and impact resistance of gear, it is also necessary to add some extreme pressure additives, but the additives have some side effects and must be selected carefully. Gear box manufacturers generally recommend a variety of different lubricants based on their own experience or experimental research, such as MOBIL632, MOBIL630 or l-ckc320, l-ckc220 gb5903-95 gear oil is selected according to the contact stress of tooth surface and the environmental conditions.




  During the operation of gear box, check the operation status regularly to see if the operation is smooth; Whether there is vibration or abnormal noise; Whether the connections and pipelines are leakage or loose joints; Whether the oil temperature is normal. Replace the oil regularly. The first oil change should be carried out 500 hours after the first operation, and the later oil change period is 5,000-10,000 hours per operation. In the process of operation, attention should also be paid to the changes of oil in the box, and regular sampling and testing should be carried out. If the oil changes and there are too many oxidizing products in excess of a certain proportion, it should be replaced in time.

The gear box should be repaired every six months. The spare parts should be manufactured according to the normal drawings. The gear box after the replacement of new spare parts should meet the requirements of technical conditions for gear meshing, and be formally used after the test run and load test.