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China shougang group is a large enterprise group mainly engaged in steel industry, and also engaged in mining, machinery, electronics, construction, real estate, service industry, overseas trade and o

  China shougang group is a large enterprise group mainly engaged in steel industry, and also engaged in mining, machinery, electronics, construction, real estate, service industry, overseas trade and other industries. Shougang corporation for the parent company and subsidiary company, xingang, moving steel company, shouqin company, a high-tech company, mechanical and electrical company, special steel company, the first building companies, real estate companies, industrial companies, international trade company and other subsidiaries, a listed company in Hong Kong, with Peru iron ore in South America and other overseas companies. In 2007, the sales revenue of the group was 109 billion yuan, and the profit level was 4.3 billion yuan. Shougang's sales revenue ranks no. 10 among China's top 500 manufacturing companies selected by China enterprise confederation based on 2006 data. Shougang ranks 36th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises. Opened a new page of Chinese steelmaking production. In 1978, steel output reached 1.79 million tons, making it one of the top ten steel enterprises in China. In 2012, the fortune global 500 ranked 295.

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