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Wuhan iron & steel co., LTD., the first super-large joint steelmaking enterprise established after the founding of the People's Republic of China, started construction in 1955 and was completed and pu

  Wuhan iron & steel co., LTD., the first super-large joint steelmaking enterprise established after the founding of the People's Republic of China, started construction in 1955 and was completed and put into operation on September 13, 1958. Wisco has a whole set of advanced iron and steel production technology equipment from mining, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling and auxiliary facilities. Wisco has been on the fortune global 500 list for six consecutive years, ranking 500th in 2015. At present, wuhan iron and steel has a production capacity of 18 million tons. Through the joint reorganization of the shares of e&s and kunming iron and steel co., LTD., wuhan iron and steel group has developed into an ultra-large modern steel joint enterprise, and is one of the most competitive steel enterprises in the world.

Wuhan iron and steel products mainly include: hot rolled coil plate, hot rolled profile steel, hot rolled heavy rail, medium thick plate, cold rolled coil plate, galvanized sheet, tin plate, cold rolled and non-oriented silicon steel sheet, colored coated steel plate, high-speed wire and other hundreds of varieties. Wisco has become the world's largest, quality variety of first-class silicon steel production base; The self-developed automobile panel has the ability to supply the whole automobile of middle and high grade cars. High performance engineering structure steel, quality long materials, etc. to maintain the leading position in China. Among them, the cold rolled silicon steel sheet and ship plate steel was awarded as "China famous brand product", car plate, bridge steel, pipeline steel, pressure vessel steel, container steel, cord steel, refractory weathering steel, electrical steel and other high-quality brand-name products enjoy extensive reputation in domestic and foreign market, "wuhan" brand was named the national well-known trademarks.
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