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We are committed to becoming a leader in the power industry in the smart age


We are committed to becoming a leader in the power industry in the smart age

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More than 10 years of entrepreneurial development, jinxin equipment was established at the beginning of the local government leaders, industry experts, the press and the majority of customers friends consistent support and care. It is this kind of social concern and expectation that has become the spiritual food that supports the rears people to be self-reliant and enterprising. After growing up, rayer electric is no longer my personal career, but now has been transformed into a social career, public career. As riehl grew up, I had the privilege of meeting hundreds of well-known business people and power industry experts, who have become like-minded business partners. What makes me cherish more is that ruier learned and drew on the experience of business management from these well-known enterprises in his communication with them, and further expanded and strengthened ruier electric and accumulated knowledge and wealth.
On the road to socialization, I have the honor to work with a large number of like-minded colleagues to encourage each other, complement each other and help each other, and translate the arduous career into creative work, and accumulate the ordinary work into magnificent achievements.
The way ahead is so long without ending, yet high and low I'll search with my will unbending. The value of an individual is not in the amount of wealth he possesses, but in the amount of value he creates. Looking forward to the future, my colleagues and I will stick to the enterprise as the platform, and strive to make riel a modern enterprise that is committed to providing excellent products and services for the power industry.