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We are committed to becoming a leader in the power industry in the smart age


We are committed to becoming a leader in the power industry in the smart age

About us

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Corporate mission
We are committed to providing power transfer solutions, products and services with greater cognitive value to every customer worldwide
Enterprise vision
We want to become a customer trust, employees pride, social respect for the momentum of the transmission enterprises.
Five needs of customers
Excellent and first-class quality requirements
Schedule requirements for scheduled delivery
Excellent service requirements
Cost effective demand
Solid and win-win customer relationship needs
Eternal pursuit
It is our eternal pursuit to meet the needs of customers
Business philosophy
Customer oriented quality first
The service is satisfactory and efficient
Talent is the essence and strength
Quality management policy
Solve the problem immediately, analyze the problem to find the root
Standard standard is supreme, pay close attention to detail implementation
Emphasize quality of work, pay attention to professional training
Make good use of the examination BBB 0, reverse total staff consciousness
Strict implementation of countermeasures, the pursuit of improvement results
Core values
Be a good example of initiative
The supremacy of the company
Effective team communication
Keeping promises results oriented
Work spirit
Five spirit:
Think officer, will officer, good to work together, do things, not accident
Iii. Spirit of eating
To eat bitterly, to eat unjustly, to eat bitterly