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Since the adjustment of the branch factory's leadership in May, the branch factory has not forgotten the rectification of the field environment while grasping the production work. At present, the whole working environment of the branch factory has been greatly improved.南京金鑫传动设备有限公司

With the help and support from the branch leaders, the gear grinding section has been improved obviously in every aspect. Especially big monitor enters the management role completely! From the site of every little bit to help employees standardize various work, 7S site, safety, consumption, production plans and other aspects have been significantly improved.

The branch factory does the work from the thought consciousness of the staff through the staff's thought education. Guide the staff and the superior's thoughts and ideas to be consistent! Through these four months of unremitting efforts, most employees have been able to fully understand the concept of management; Start from small things and keep the working environment around you. Each employee is responsible for every work he/she handles! Take every detail of your work seriously!


We will continue to work hard to improve ourselves! Progress and welcome the new future together with the company on the platform provided by the company!