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Against the heat

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1) go to the drug store to buy anti-heatstroke medicine (wind oil essence, human Dan, and ageratum), which has been issued in June;

2) order barreled purified water and distribute it to the workshop
Recently the temperature continues to rise, the weather observatory issued a yellow high temperature warning, hot like a steamer, nanjing is really a furnace city.
In order to fight against the hot weather and cool down the employees, the administration department has done the following work:



  1) go to the drug store to buy anti-heatstroke medicine (wind oil essence, human Dan, and ageratum), which has been issued in June;

2) order barreled purified water and distribute it to the workshop staff to help relieve the heat;
3) purchase large quantities of cranberry powder and send it to front-line employees to relieve the heat and cool down;
4) the staff canteen will be air-conditioned in advance to provide a comfortable and cool dining environment;
50 washing powder, towels and other summer protective labor supplies are also in full swing.
Although the weather is hot, the staff of jinxin, especially the front-line staff, are still able to stick to their work posts without slack, which is the spirit of jinxin people.