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On Friday, six company organized a high-level, middle-level and grassroots backbone staff conducted a team coach, training courses, though only a short time 2 days, but give us harvest quite a lot, maybe someone opposition, task so busy, why go out training, a waste of time, in fact, if an enterprise to improve and develop, manage without learning, for everyone to re-charge, able to work in a more appropriate processing problems, promote the progress of the whole production.



 In training, the most makes me feel important is communication in the work, a lot of people would be so explain communicate, is not a few people together to discuss a thing, but it's not, in many cases we are together in the meeting, but there is no real reason analysis, come up with countermeasures, consensus, determine the target, so these communication are invalid communication, why is invalid communication, everyone stood in their position, do not do the perspective-taking, second disagreement, each party has seen, debate, the third finally no solution is determined, it is really a waste of time. So-called communication, everyone should actively use the brainstorming method, aiming at some problems, with the principle of the supremacy of the interests of the company, to analyze the individual opinion, not only of his own convenience, some responsibility or difficult to push to take off to other departments, when encounter disagreement, must will problem solving level rise, head of department, leadership system, general manager, for example, until the problem solving, and then, in this way can we come up with solutions to problems effectively, each of us to ensure that our own task to finish, so as to make the work smoothly.

, of course, there are many problems worthy of thinking in the training, such as in the processing of interpersonal relationship, trust your colleagues is a basic and very important link, the sense of society, and every one of us in life and work, are indispensable, Thanksgiving parents gave us life, let we can on the voyage of life with wonderful experience; Thanks to our leaders, we have learned a lot of knowledge and exp



  In the future work, we need to further enrich ourselves, apply and learn what is useful to us in the training process, and influence everyone around us, so that we can be full of positive energy.