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She is simple; She was in an ordinary position; She's a helpful person. This is what I call her. She works in the basic position and does the most ordinary work. Maybe you are still lying in bed and struggling to get out of bed. She is the cleaner aunt of our company.



  Every morning when we come to work, we can see her busy figure, cleaning the corridor and corridor again and again, although this is her job, but she did not cope with the work, but carefully and carefully cleaned. Sometimes when we get to work late and the office is too late to clean, she takes the initiative to help us clean, and every time we say to her, "let's do it ourselves!" "But she said," I can't help you with anything. I can help you with cleaning. You're busy every day. Really, may be in your eyes these are small things, but you did not think that others are to earn money, do their own job well, she did not have the obligation to help you. She is respected and does not work carelessly. She cleans every place cleanly. Maybe she has just cleaned it, and then someone throws the garbage on the ground carelessly.




 Cleaner, an ordinary post, but the person in this post is worthy of our respect.