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 Jinxin company has such a group of people, they not only a can "do the war" soldier, is also an omnipotent moving team, they are the manufacturing branch factory's vehicle section and the grinder section workers. At ordinary times, as long as they work under the scheduling arrangement, they actively rush to work, working overtime, no complaints; When the company needs to drudge, they keep on going. never say tired, and high efficiency, they laughed and said, "this is occupational disease, to do things", it sounds a little joke, but that's true, do anything, must according to plan time to complete, and achieve the final result, wherever the workers work, is the company's core strength, is welcome.南京金鑫传动设备有限公司


 Remember once, the contract's executive room move, although looks are completed drawings, but had piled up have a whole house, and the distribution of the floor, is supposed to be here is the executive's internal matter, but a heard of executive staff, less handling workload is too big, time is very urgent, immediately after discuss, brought together five or six men, take the initiative to accept the task, the female colleague contract executive said: "you may have to work, how can you hold up your time", the workers reply: "it doesn't matter, we in the evening to work overtime, can be completed, do not affect the work on both sides of the". Then immediately assign tasks to get busy, and when it's over, wipe your sweat, and don't forget to say next time something else, just ask them.南京金鑫传动设备有限公司


 This is the team that jin xin company cultivated, can fight not only, and logistics support job is as handy, we thank them!

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