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Order no. 16-0084 was originally a spare part product of the company, and the product was about to be completed. However, through the efforts of our Marketing Department, the box body of 0084 was also received and assembled by our company.
When the box body returned to the factory in May 2016, we found that the bare box body weight was 96 tons, while the maximum lifting weight of our company was only 100 tons. This will face a lifting work challenge, because the trial production order is more urgent, company leaders are also very serious.



  After careful inspection of the drawings by the workshop and the technology, the workshop discussed a set of installation process. The technical drawings shall first process a set of tooling to ensure that the box body can be better assembled. The workshop shall finish the arrangement of parts and relevant accessories, and immediately assemble the tooling when it arrives at the factory.

After the efforts of the workers, the box body was finished, but the test run was a big problem. The total weight of the box body after the whole box was assembled reached 136 tons, while the lifting weight of our company was only 100 tons. Case only where he was to carry on the test, the test platform, because to oil box but not on trial run platform body oil is a problem because are far away from the test platform, the box body by workshop and handed the task after the company leaders to discuss factory equipment team to complete, after equipment team efforts finally completed the project within the time required by the client, but the company received a notice when the project after the completion of the workshop, the customer will send us coupling let me help set on the input shaft and output shaft of the box body.
Workshop for the first time after receiving the task to a comprehensive range of body view and the preparation work before baking set, after to see the biggest problem is lifting problem, because if you want to bake set of coupling box is to turn but the body weight more than my company the largest crane lifting weight roll over is the biggest problem.
Workshop immediately organize workshop lifting personnel, housing the assembler, shop scheduling, and related experience of the technical personnel of the plant held a meeting of enclosure structure are studied, and has carried on the communication and marketing personnel, after their marketing personnel's inspection of the contract, the contract content only set into the shaft coupling, is there any requirement set of output shaft coupling, however, is a set of output shaft coupling is to change the cabinet can only be carried out on its side, can be due to body weight played a crane lifting weight then turn my company is the biggest problem.



  After discussing with the company and communicating with the customer, it is even more difficult to bake the case after it arrives at the site. According to the company's five requirements, the workshop decides to carve all the difficulties to help the customer to set it up. After the workshop of the relevant technical personnel of the continuous efforts to complete the task on time.