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Pre-war mobilization: the world's most powerful vertical mill main reducer production team, nanjing jinxin re-optimization!

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According to the company's research, in order to improve the quality of nanjing jinxin's vertical mill reducer to a higher level (in 2013, it has set the world record for the vertical mill main reducer with the highest power of 6300KW), the leadership of the manufacturing branch factory was re-adjusted, and a new manufacturing branch leadership team was established earlier this month.






  Manufacturing factory after establishing a new leadership team, according to the requirement of the company leadership and advice immediately, held its new factory manufacturing team meeting, at the meeting everybody unity thoughts and the vertical mill reducer manufacturer's mission and work management method created (manufacturing factory's mission is: to do, well done, let customer satisfaction, make the company satisfied; The work management method is: the plan is the outline, the program, the positive upward, the obedience execution), and made into the banner and the propaganda board to paste in the branch factory area. Then, each section is required to publicize and execute the employees, and the results of the implementation are checked, and the implementation is good. This is also one of the performance of corporate culture.

南京金鑫传动设备有限公司  Manufacturing factory to complete production schedule with good quality and output of the cases, up to the production vice President procurement system, down to the factory leaders at all levels and all employees, to its own manufacturing factory of the scene, according to the check list is not in conformity with the item, production procurement system lead employees, vice President take the lead in the rain to cleaning the public areas is not in conformity with the item, the scene of the factory is not in conformity with the item of leaders at all levels take the lead to lead section staff within the jurisdiction of the rectification is not in conformity with the item, according to a period of adjustment, factory site to get a lot of ascension, and got the company leadership for approval.


南京金鑫传动设备有限公司 The manufacturing branch factory has set a rest area in each section of the speed reducer, and the rest area is equipped with rest table, electric fan and bonsai (4 POTS). At the same time, a rest area for external personnel (including marketing customers) to deal with problems on site in the spare parts area is also set up, and the quality department is responsible for the specific responsibility. The rest area according to the setting is welcomed by the employees of the branch factory and recognized by the leaders of the company.