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[government and enterprise cooperation] : jiangsu economic and information technology commission focused on training decelerator

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According to the notice of jiangsu provincial economic and information commission, nanjing jinxin transmission, as the leading brand of China's customized reduction gear factory and the key large and 

 According to the notice of jiangsu provincial economic and information commission, nanjing jinxin transmission, as the leading brand of China's customized reduction gear factory and the key large and medium-sized enterprises in jiangsu province, participated in the "e-commerce training of key large and medium-sized enterprises and industry leaders in jiangsu province" organized by the provincial government for free. This activity, led by jiangsu provincial commission of economy and information technology, is free to help key large and medium-sized enterprises and industry leaders in jiangsu province to carry out e-commerce applications and gradually promote the deepening. Municipal commission of economic and information technology, please do the corresponding support and service work.

Nanjing jinxin drive since its establishment, 14 years dedicated reducer custom (including special steel mill reducer, cement special reducer, reducer for nuclear power, wind power reducer, water reducer, papermaking dedicated reducer, reducer for port, a mining special reducer, reducer for ships, a crane dedicated professional reducer reducer, petroleum chemical industry and so on), and the units located in reducer customization, deep and consistent and In the end, the company won many honors such as "jiangsu famous brand products, jiangsu famous brand, jiangsu key r & d institution, jiangsu gearbox engineering technology r & d center, jiangsu high-tech enterprise, jiangsu postgraduate workstation", and became a banner and benchmark of China's non-marking reducer industry.
Through this activity, the provincial government plans to build jinxin drive into a typical demonstration project enterprise of e-commerce in jiangsu province to drive other enterprises in our province to carry out and implement e-commerce work.