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Matters needing attention for starting reducer of rolling mill

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1.Thefollowinginspectionsshallbecarriedoutbeforestart-up:  1)whethertheinstallationofpressuregauges,electriccontactflowmetersandotherdevicesisfirmandreliable,andwhethertheactualdataiscorrect,shallbeli
1. The following inspections shall be carried out before start-up:
1) whether the installation of pressure gauges, electric contact flow meters and other devices is firm and reliable, and whether the actual data is correct, shall be listed in the table;
2) whether the fasteners such as bolts and nuts are well tightened;
3) whether the output shaft steering is correct;
4) whether the coupling and other protective devices are installed;
5) check whether there is oil leakage in the pipeline after entering the lubricating oil, and observe whether the oil road is unobstructed and the injection site is correct through the observation window of the gear box. If there is oil pipe blockage or injection location is wrong, clean the pipeline or adjust the injection Angle in time. Oil pass should be no less than 60 minutes.
6) the toothed coupling shall be filled with zl-4 lithium grease, and a small amount of anti-magic energy saving agent can also be added.



Ii. Startup procedures:

When the gear box is lubricated with lubricating oil for 60 minutes and the inlet oil pressure is controlled between 0.25 and 0.35Mpa, the main motor and electric appliance can be switched on.


Iii. StartThe gear box has been tested before leaving the factory. However, it is recommended that users follow the following steps to start.3.1 the oil temperature at 30 ℃ above, can give the gearbox oil. Summer things (the temperature at 30 ℃ above) for the oil temperature at 30 ℃ above can lead to oil, in winter (the temperature reached below 5 ℃) for the oil temperature at 45 ℃ to oil. In the spring and autumn days (the temperature between 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃) for the oil temperature at 35 ℃ to oil

3.2 lubricating oil shall be first pumped for 60 minutes to observe whether the oil supply of gear and bearing is normal and whether the oil return is smooth from the observation hole of upper box body.