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Overview of cold shears

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Cold shearing machine is often used in the metallurgy industry for cutting head, tail or cutting ruler of rolled parts. As a kind of shearing machine, cold shearing machine is widely used in metallurgy, aviation, national defense industry, printing and other light industries.


Early cold shearing machine was of low production efficiency and low quality due to its heavy structure and no quick tool changing device. For this reason, we designed a more compact bevel edge shearing machine with crank connecting rod. The shearing machine mainly includes shear part and transmission part. The shear part adopts the shear mode of the up-cut oblique blade, which greatly reduces the shear force. The driving part USES the motor to drive the reducer through the coupling instead of the original belt drive, which avoids the power loss caused by elastic sliding. The disc friction clutch is used to control the clutch between the reducer and the open gear, and the up and down motion of the connecting rod is driven by the crankshaft to complete the shear action.


The characteristic of the structure is to replace the flywheel with the big gear, the coupling drive instead of the belt drive. The shearing machine has high production efficiency and low production cost. It is suitable for cutting of medium and small size bar production line or seamless steel tube blank.