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Replace FLENDER's jin xin KMP

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Jinxin KMP series gearbox transmission equipment co., LTD., on the customer object is heavy, heavy on the company's main customer base for coal-fired power plants, power plants for the national import

Jinxin KMP series gearbox transmission equipment co., LTD., on the customer object is heavy, heavy on the company's main customer base for coal-fired power plants, power plants for the national important production and economic lifeline, the stability of the power plant of grinding coal products demand is high, the quality of the product demand more strict than other products, 7 years ago, on a heavy mill gear box has been FLENDER. FLENDER, a German company, is the most authoritative international manufacturer of gear boxes. The quality of products is good, but the price is also very expensive. With fierce market competition, the weight is put forward on domestic demand, but the quality of domestic mill gear box is not at ease, size to FLENDER KMP series with appearance specifications manufacturing problems (after can use import substitution), domestic production of gear box it is very difficult to reach the same specification abroad the performance of the gear box, in the face of such difficulties, such as domestic meteorological tooth, tooth line gear box manufacturers are dodging and shrinking jinxin company grasped the nettle and developed domestic KMP series gearbox, 08 to use without any quality problem now!