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Rod and rod mill gear box advantage

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Rod wire plays an important role in the metallurgical gear box. The structure of the gear box of rod wire mill is determined by the rolling process. Rod wire can be divided into big rod, small rod, wi

 Rod wire plays an important role in the metallurgical gear box. The structure of the gear box of rod wire mill is determined by the rolling process. Rod wire can be divided into big rod, small rod, wire rod and shaped steel according to the products.

General rod and wire rolling, H and V rolling mill is arranged alternately, which can make the workpiece deform in order of up and down and left and right, so as to improve the overall mechanical performance of the material. Bar may be all h-type rolling mill, but at this time the rolling mill line is generally longer.




  In addition to H and V type rolling mills, H/V flat-end conversion rolling mills can be used to determine whether the rolling form is horizontal or vertical.

Depending on the scale, the number of frames varies greatly, from 14 to 23. The annual output of the single line of commonly used specifications ranges from 40 to 1.2 million tons, but the rolling line with backward production capacity in recent years has been gradually eliminated. Meanwhile, new technologies such as cutting, water cooling and so on have been widely used, which greatly improve the production capacity and product quality of the rolling line.
Rod and wire rolling mill is generally equipped with flying shears (rocker arm shears, rotary shears, cold shears, clamping shears), clamping rollers and other related equipment.
Rod wire mill reducer for vertical and horizontal gear box commonly gear box interval arrangement, ensure the shape of the rolled product size, level of gear box for parallel shaft, vertical gear box for spiral bevel gears with parallel axis transmission, generally for single input output or three output structure, transfer the power of the motor and assigned to two or three roll, and through the reduction ratio to achieve the required torque and speed of rolling. Nanjing jinxin rod wire mill main drive gear box in addition to fully meet the needs of the actual working condition, but also has compact structure, impact resistance, stable operation, etc, all can with closed or short stress line mill, and it can customize according to the requirement of the production line actual rolling technology reasonable vertical and horizontal structure gearbox peace conversion system.



The working characteristics of the complex gear box of bar and wire rolling mill are low speed, heavy load, high impact load, frequent impact times and continuous work.

Our company has successively for domestic and foreign bar wire rod production line design and manufacture of various specifications of the mill composite gear box, including the horizontal mill, vertical mill, vertical mill gear box may be substituted, and form a complete set of bevel gear box and so on, are mainly the SMS, MORGAN, POMINI, DANIELI four models are available with inoperative or short stress line mill, and can according to user requirements of different specifications, different structure of high speed wire rod, bar, profile rolling mill reducer design and development.